MILA National Health Plan

MILA is the Managed International Longshoremen’s Association Health Care Trust Fund.

The MILA National Health Plan is a single unified program. It is a self-insured and all the benefits provided by network contracted providers are the same in all plans. MAP (Member Assistance Plan) provides a broad set of programs to assist plan participants with a whole range of issues.
Managed ILA Health Care Trust Fund (MILA)

111 Broadway, 5th Fl.,    
Suite 502 New York,
New York 10006-1901
212-766-0844 Fax
Employers-ILA N.C. Ports Welfare Plan

P.O Box 1116
Suite 502 New York,
Wilmington, NC 28402-1116
910-763-5191 Fax
(NC Ports Area)

ILA members are eligible for healthcare insurance with MILA under the following terms:

Under The MILA National Managed Health Care Trust Fund, The Maximum Age For Dependent Children Eligibility For Welfare Benefits Offered By MILA Is Age 20, Or Age 23, If A Full-Time Student. See The MILA Information for Your Eligible Dependents for Complete Information.

A Contract Year begins on October 1st and ends on September 30th. For Example: If you received 1,250 Credited Hours during the Contract Year, you would be covered by the Basic Plan in the following Calendar Year. However, if you received 1,300 or more credited hours during the contract year, you would be covered by the Premier Plan.

Medical and Behavioral Health


Group Policy # 2443694

P.O Box 182223 Chattanooga, TN 37422-7223

*member card available*



CVS Caremark-Arizona
Prescription Drugs | Mail Order and 90 Day Maintenance Drugs at CVS

RxBIN-004336  |  Issuer (80840) – 9151014609

Customer Care Representative | 866-875-6452

Pharmacy Help Desk (for Pharmacists) | 800-364-6331


CVS Caremark Claims Department

P.O Box 52136

Phoenix, AZ 85072-2136

*member card available*





Group Policy #307253


P.O Box 14094

Lexington, KY 40512-4094

*no card available | use your social security number*




Eyemed Vision Care

Group Policy #9797762

866-723-0514 | 866-723-0513

P.O Box 8504

Mason, OH 45040-7111

*no card available | use your social security number*




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